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Bulgaria - A beautiful land unknown

Bulgaria, the beautiful country located in the middle of the Balkan Peninsula, is becoming a popular settlement for a number of foreign citizens year on year.

Viktor from Vratzata Estate Agency in Bulgaria tells why thousands are flocking to purchase property in this increasingly popular destination.


  1. Bulgaria might seem like an unlikely place to buy property for some, what does it have to offer? What's special about it?

"Bulgaria is a wonderful place which has a huge amount to offer. There is plenty of everything for everybody. You like playing golf? Bulgaria has some of the best golf courses in the world, designed by some of the most famous former champions. Bulgaria is the only place where you can play golf just a kilometer away from a famous sea or ski resort.

Those fond of skiing and winter sports should visit Bansko – often compared to Alpine resorts, and the peninsula's most famous winter resort, provides unique conditions for winter sport fanatics, teamed with breathtaking views.

The Black Sea coastline is the ideal location for sea, sun and fun, with long stretched of golden sands, several famous resorts and a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Bulgaria's coastline attracts millions of tourists every year.

There's so much to discover in Bulgaria, as one of the oldest countries in Europe, it has an abundance of historical and natural phenomenon, from monuments of great historical and cultural significance, to famous monasteries, stunning mountain ranges with dense forests, and beautiful lakes and rivers.

There's also a huge amount of activities to do; from visiting caves, to sky diving, hiking, gliding and camping under the stars. The excellent weather conditions and vast terrain means there really is something for everyone.

What's more, the local people are warm and welcome and the country has an abundance of tasty cuisine and rich folklore, to contribute to the nation's many charms."

  1. What's the property market like?

"The Bulgarian property market is a growing one, and despite the recent financial crisis, analysis has shown that property purchase is still one of the best ways to make an investment.

The decline in prices which occured over recent years has now stabilized and many specialists say that in the next three to five years the market will make a full recovery. Meaning an increase in property prices, therefore the current advice is to invest savings in holiday homes, villas, or other forms of real estate now.

However, despite the positive forecast for the Bulgarian property market, many first-time buyers remain reluctant to settle in Bulgaria on a full-time basis. Some of the most common reasons for this are a number preconceptions about the country which include; fear of the language barrier, its reputation for being a heaven for senior citizens and worries about employment prospects.

Before writing off the possibilities, we advise first-time or less experienced buyers to consider all of the opportunities that Bulgaria has to offer, like the fact that it remains the cheapest place to buy property in the entire European Union and the fact that living costs are among the lowest even for those from countries outside of the EU. With a home in Bulgaria, foreign citizens are able to easily travel across Europe –something that is acknowledged as a big advantage to a growing number of business people from Asia, the Middle East and other non-EU countries.

Despite previous political instability in Bulgaria, reports show a continuous growth in the national economy with an average increase of 1 – 1.5 %, which is expected to grow further in coming years due to an increase in foreign trade partners."

  1. What are the job prospects like for foreign buyers looking to settle there?

For those who do wish to permanently relocate, finding a job in Bulgaria could be easier said than done if they lack the necessary language skills.

However, this is changing with the influx of large foreign corporations flocking to Bulgaria due to the county having the lowest taxes in the European Union. As well as this, we are seeing many foreign buyers moving to Bulgaria to set up or buy an existing business. There are countless properties with the potential to convert into bed and breakfasts or self-catering units. Often these projects start as low as £10,000 for renovation, enabling buyers to convert their homes into accommodation facilities to tourists from all over the world. Furthermore, until now, rich independent travellers likely to use a small B&B's in Bulgaria were non-existent but now demand is growing year on year.

Bulgaria also has one of the best high-speed internet connections in the world, meaning employees who decide to work remotely, can easily do so from the comfort of their homes. In addition a number of airlines offer direct flights from the UK to Bulgaria for just £70 return, and one-way a flight usually takes just under three hours."

  1. What are the more rural areas of Bulgaria like?

"Bulgaria is a great location within southeast Europe, with the allure of gorgeous mountains, the great Black Sea coast, huge valleys with rich soil in the Danube lowlands and more. In fact the majority of Bulgarian countryside remains unexplored by foreign buyers.

Those living in highly developed Western European countries might be surprised to find rural territories of Bulgaria completely untouched by modern urban life. Natural and unspoiled, the rural parts of Bulgaria are traditionally populated by hard working and friendly people who undoubtedly contribute to the pleasant features found in the Bulgarian countryside. The majority of the rural folk won't speak any foreign languages, but they are loyal neighbors with hearts of gold and are often very welcoming and tend to go out of their way to help you (even if they don't fully understand what you're saying).

A specific feature of the countryside properties in Bulgaria is the fact that almost 100% of them have electricity and running water. All villages have telephone lines, mobile phone coverage, TV and radio broadcastings, many of them have cable TV with international channels and internet connection.

Despite the undeveloped infrastructure in some areas, all rural areas have tarmac roads, post offices, regular bus transport to the near towns, local shops, bars/restaurants, petrol stations and local authorities. Many villages also have kinder gardens, schools, local libraries and a doctor's office. The majority of these are easily accessible with a regular car, except for those in very high mountain areas, which may need a 4x4 vehicle.
Some villages are close to bigger or regional towns with wider range of amenities – cinemas, train stations, hospitals, schools, big shopping centers, cultural and sports activities, etc.

Traditionally it's very uncommon for the people of Bulgaria to live in the countryside and work in the big cities. It's actually the opposite - people working in the towns and cities try to live closer to their jobs and most businesses tend to be located within the towns. The younger generation tend to like having a holiday home or a villa in the rural villages to use during the weekends for a small retreat away from city life.

Price levels in these areas are extremely low at the moment. A relatively well.-maintained property with substantial land or garden of 1,000 – 2,000m² or more can be purchase for the same price as a second hand car. The usual price for such a property is somewhere between €4,000 – 8,000 (£2,800 – £5,600). In most of these cases, properties require little or some additional money for refurbishment and bringing the place up to date. Usually rural houses have no shower and WC installed inside and people have these in a separate building near the house. Of course with the time this had changed because many of home owners have installed such amenities within their houses before putting them up for sale."

  1. Does the country have reliable transport networks?

"The region where Bulgaria is located has been known since the Middle Ages as the gate for goods from Asia to Europe, where the famous "Silk Road" used to pass through. Two years ago the Chinese government announced its intentions to rebuild this ancient cargo link between the booming economy of China and some of its major trade partners in Europe. With the continuous development of the national transport system and links, Bulgaria offers good conditions for investment, be it moving your business here or establishing a new onealong with permanent relocation. In this day in age, with cheap transport links it's so easy to live and work in different countries, living in London for example and spending weekends in Bulgaria is now perfectly possible."

  1. What sets you apart from other estate agency firms in Bulgaria?

"From the many years of good cooperation with our satisfied customers and partners, we can say that many of them have successfully settled here in Bulgaria and absolutely adore the country. Some of them have even started their own businesses and are doing very well. Others are just enjoying the holidays they spend with their families in their lovely holiday homes in Bulgaria.

In addition, aside from the real estate sales, our company offers a variety of construction and reconstruction services all over Bulgaria. We can assist clients with the renovating their property and helping them achieve high standarts at a relatively low cost.

Therefore, whether you choose to use your property as a holiday home, choose to live there permanently, or choose to buy an investment property to rent and make a profit from, Bulgaria has so much to offer. The country offers a variety of great properties located in beautifully natural and peaceful scenic locations, without any stress or pollution.

Open your mind, forget about all your worries and visit Bulgaria. The holiday home you have always dreamed of awaits you here and we would be honored to help you find it."

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