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Movember, for those who might not have heard of it before is traditionally the annual event of growing moustaches for the month of November to raise money for men's health issues.

This month our very own senior accounts manager Mark Courtney is growing 'a humongous moustache' but for a very different cause, to raise awareness for AfriKids, his charity of choice.

In an interview Mark talks about why he's so passionate about supporting AfriKids, what they do for children in Ghana, his celebrity moustache look-a-likes and more'

Why did you choose to support AfriKids as your charity of choice for Movember?
I know that Movember is traditionally to raise money for prostate cancer, but after being introduced to AfriKids at the IPIN Global party at MIPIM UK and hearing about the hardship children in Ghana endure I thought I'd like to raise money for them.
Especially given the fact the charity has really suffered in light of the recent Ebola crisis, with less people willing to travel to Ghana due to fear of being infected. So I really wanted to do something to help them raise money during this tough time.

What's your goal?
To grow a humongous moustache! I was going for a Hulk Hogan but people in the office say I look like comedian Rufus Hound. And of course to raise as much money as possible! I'd like to raise around '600, it's not much but it'll go towards helping AfriKids tackle social and cultural issues in Ghana like fighting child labour and the child spirit phenomenon. Have you heard about that?

No, what is it?
It's disgusting; it involves the ritual killing of disabled children believed to be possessed by evil spirits. That's the important thing here really, it's one thing to grow a silly moustache for a month, but my underlying reasons for doing it are quite serious.

That's awful! How do they tackle that kind of problem?
As far as I know the charity designs projects on the ground so they have what they call a 'one child policy' and tackle the root cause of a child's suffering, be it family problems, cultural or social issues, or poverty. They also have a project to set up sustainable businesses and say they hope that by 2018 the local activity and business in Ghana will generate enough income to sustain its operations at which point the charity will close down. I like that element of the charity; I think the fact their trying to get the country to be self-sustaining is great!

How can people donate if they want to?
Ah well I just set up a JustGiving page, which makes it really simple to donate. The page is called Mark's Movember for AfriKids and the link is you just go to the page and click the donate button and they walk you through the whole process.


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