More prosperity across the UK could help the regional property market grow

The spread of wealth across the UK and the movement of businesses to new areas could help improve property prospects nationwide. The spread of wealth and business prosperity across the UK could mark a real boost for the residential property market in the regions in the months and years to come, after it was revealed that cities outside of London are starting to close the gap on the capital.

5 things to always consider when investing in property abroad

Property investment is fast becoming a useful trait for both business and lifestyle assets. Not only does it put money into a country's economy, there is almost always a good demand for property development and housing.

House Moving, the Environmentally Friendly Way

Moving is always stressful. There are so many things to do before and after the move that its environmental impact is often the last thing on your mind. But the fact is, moving has a huge carbon footprint and affects the environment in more ways than one. If green living is important to you, check out the below tips to ensure that you make the transition to a new life in a green and environmentally friendly way.

My Wish List

Sometimes I like to indulge myself in a little daydreaming. For many years I've worked in the investment market, telling others how to best invest their wealth or managing portfolios for some of the richest people in the world.

Now, while there's no denying that it gives you a kick to spend someone else's money, it ain't so great if you happen to lose some of it! That's the nature of the game however - win some, lose some - life's a gamble.

Ten Things You Didn't Know About Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Caribbean. White sandy beaches, turquoise waters and a heavily 'chilled-out' vibe draws tourists like a magnet to the birthplace of ultra-quickstep dance, the merengue

Fun Facts about Munich's Oktoberfest

With the 181st Oktoberfest kicking off on 20th September, the first fun fact about this world-famous beer festival is that it doesn't take place in October. Here are some facts you may not have known about Oktoberfest:

Top 10 Most Scorching Property Hotspots in the World

Throughout the global economic crisis and the recessions that followed, seasoned investors have been adding tangible assets to their portfolios to protect their capital.

The world's most popular tangible asset is property and in recent years, with prices tumbling to well below peak levels, it's been very much a buyer's market for quite some time.

What's in a Name?: The Incredible Stories Behind 10 Country Names

Have you ever wondered how the Solomon Islands got their name? America? Barbados? Wonder no more and take a look at our countdown…

Home Turf: Properties of the Brazilian Internationals

As Brazil prepares to stage 'the greatest show on earth', we take a look at the homes that belong to some of the host nation's most famous footballing stars.

Top Ten Tips and Tricks for First Time Home Buyers

There are many things to be aware of when preparing to buy your first home: take a look at our top tips and tricks before you start house hunting.

Upcoming sporting events make Brazil 'one of the most exciting property markets in the world'

Aided by its status as host country for two of the most high profile sporting events in the world, Brazil is emerging as ‘one of the world's most exciting emerging property markets’, according to recent reports. As the country prepares to host the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, experts predict that the Brazilian property market will enjoy increased activity with investors hoping to benefit from elevated levels of tourism by purchasing buy to let properties in the country to rent to spectators.

The Silent Cinema

At the end of the – aptly named – Dusti Road on the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt and just 12 miles from the popular resort of Sharm El-Sheikh there lies a wholly unexpected sight.  Row upon row of wooden seats

Hermit vs NYC Real Estate Tycoons

Real estate of virtually any description in New York City is an invaluable commodity, but some NY addresses are more invaluable than others. 15 Central Park West is just one such address. Overlooking Central Park, the building is now one of the most exclusive locations in the city and an array of celebrities inhabit the luxury apartments within the development. Yet before 15 CPW could become such a desirable location, the developers would have to engage in a lengthy battle with Herbert Sukenik – an inhabitant of one of the tiny rent-controlled apartments that previously occupied the space within the building.

The Rise and Fall and Rise of the Spanish Property Market

From the glory days of the Spanish property market in 2004, to the year Spain's economy is set to grow 2014

Spain Cuts New Build Property Taxes

Last week, Spain announced a temporary reduction in tax on new-build properties – from 8% to 4% in a bid to stimulate the sale of unsold new properties across the country...

Top 4 Property Investments of 2011

The world’s economy may be all over the place at the moment, but this does not in any way mean that there is not still plenty of money out there for the making in the property market. It is now about four years since the financial problems first begin radiating out from the USA and most markets are still trying their very best to find their feet again.

However, by turning attention away from domestic shores when it comes to property investments, it soon becomes clear that some of the greatest hopes the world currently has for growth and prosperity lie in what would have until recently been described as modestly developing nations.

Taking the credit

Way back on the third of November, I advocated in this very blog, that central banks needed to slash interest rates in order to help boost flailing economies. And guess what? I was right! So I reckon I’m going to take the credit for this one (let’s face it, this doesn’t always happen, so milk it while the going’s good, I say!)...

A New Dawn

Today, we wake up to a new President-elect of the United States of America. Thank goodness. At last, Americans can travel the world and not feel embarrassed to open their mouths, lest someone hears their accent and vilifies them for it (I met an American couple at Heathrow Airport once, who were pretending they were Canadian, just to avoid abuse)....

Slash Those Rates!

There’s only one way to curb the current worldwide economic crisis, and that’s by dealing with the problem that started the whole thing in the first place...

Banking Blues

Blimey, what a few days it’s been. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry of a financial expert has been jumping on the bandwagon using the word ‘crisis’ to describe the current banking chaos enveloping the United States and beyond. And they’re not wrong. The astonishing collapse of the Lehman Brothers investment bank (the fourth largest in the US) and the even more astonishing bail out of insurance giant AIG has left financial analysts and institutions rooted in the headlights of pure panic, horror, and disbelief.

Cyprus is flying high

Skydiving is a cool (if somewhat mad) activity, and I’m told that the island of Cyprus is now a trendy place to do it. It basically entails jumping out of an aircraft at about 10,000 feet, enjoying the exhilaration of freefall, before opening your parachute for a (hopefully) soft landing.

On the crest of a wave

And so there we were, messing around in a catamaran in the Mediterranean, taking in the view of the harbour and watching the sun glistening on the sea. There was a cool breeze wafting in across the waves and the sound of the water lapping against the hull...

Marvellous Morocco

I have just returned from a weekend trip to Morocco. I went partly out of curiousity and partly out of pure shame – after all, here I am living on mainland Spain, almost literally a stone’s throw from another continent, and yet it was to be only my first trip. What was my excuse?

Deposit Bonds aim to attract new buyers

A new product has been launched aiming to provide a substitute for cash down payments or deposits, when purchasing off-plan property abroad, particularly in Australia.

Brazil is Primed and Ready to Go!

I’ve just come back from an interesting trip to Brazil.  As the writer for and IPIN’s latest promotions in this awe-inspiringly vast country, it was with great excitement that I could at last ‘put a face to Natal.’ So, donned as a typical package holidaymaker to Natal, I was intrigued to get a first-hand view on just what this growing tourism region of Brazil has in store.

Frozen Turkey but Christmas has been postponed

A shocking statement by one of Turkey’s newspapers Hurriyet reads:

Turkish property sales to foreigners are to be temporarily halted from Wednesday, declared a Ministry of Public Works and Settlement inline with a Constitutional Court ruling three months ago. A new regulation was delivered to the Board of Ministers for approval.”

Dubai Home Loans at 5%!

In my last blog I wrote how mortgage rates in Dubai are expected to become more competitive.  Just a few days later, I read that The Commercial Bank of Dubai has firmly laid down the gauntlet to rivals offering home loans from just 5%.  This is a huge step, especially when you consider that the previous lowest market rate was around 7.5%.

America Still Number 1!

I have found myself in a state of turmoil. A quagmire of confusion surrounds my every thought.  I find myself wondering if I have lost the power of rational reasoning or are these thoughts just a difference of opinion? What is causing this mental debate? Well, in general I tend to agree with all I hear from the hallowed halls of investment bankers, Morgan Stanley, but if I’m now to believe all I hear from this trusted institute, America has officially gone into recession!

Brazil Grows From Strength to Strength

Once again, my views on the Brazilian economy have been backed up by some of the leading financial institutes in the world. I have, for a long time been a huge fan of this South American powerhouse as, in my opinion, it has probably the greatest potential for growth out of all the emerging markets, without the reliance on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) like many other of the emerging countries. I think the reason why so many people are so interested in Brazil is the fact that as a commodity exporter, the country in far less likely to be affected by a global slowdown.

Be Green and Make Money?

According to the BBC Petrobas have announced the discovery of a “huge” gas field called Jupiter.
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