Island Life - A Luxury Lifestyle Perspective

Recent years have seen a steady increase in demand for luxury property in Malta. The island's real estate market has always enjoyed a relatively stable position making it ideal for investment. As the country's social and economic profiles rapidly improved, its property market also started being shaped to accommodate the lifestyle needs and requirements of the higher-end buyer, particularly the overseas investor looking to move or relocate their business to Malta.

Party in the USA - Have They Killed It?

Spring breakers and other revellers could be on the search for a new stomping ground if potential Floridian legislation comes into effect banning homeowners from advertising their Miami Beach residences as 'party houses' to let. Just last week a preliminary vote by the City Commission passed a motion that could see advertisements for 'party houses' become violations of Miami 'city code' and a second vote in favour of this motion could see the proposed ruling become a bona fide piece of legislation in the Floridian city.

2014 - Phoenix Year for Real Estate

With housing markets around the globe finally beginning to show real signs of recovery after the crisis of 2008, experts are touting 2014 as a "phoenix" year for real estate in which property prices will rise from the depths, continuing the positive trend that started to emerge in a number of countries in late 2013.

Why England Will Lose To South Africa In The Rugby World Cup Final

If an octopus can predict the future for football, can property do the same for Rugby? Leading international property portal has looked at the year’s greatest sporting event in terms of international property data. To date they have correctly predicted the results of 90% of the tournament’s group games.

Acquiring Real Estate

Real estate you will invest in should be situated in proximity of transportation systems and in walking distance of a good number of local shops and services. It is essential to purchase the correct house or apartment for the market. It is beneficial to be patient and to discover the representative tenant in the selected region and the expected amount of rent they would pay. As soon as you have identified a probable type of renter, select properties that will fit this type.

Head For The Sea

What’s a property investor to do? Tales of a banking crisis in one country or another, falling stock markets and general doom and gloom predictions. Well, you could do worse than head for the sea. Not to drown your sorrows in some misplaced suicide bid, but to invest in property by the waterfront...

The investor mindset

Now that the dust (or most of it) has apparently settled following the almost cataclysmic worldwide banking meltdown, the question many property investors are asking themselves is: ‘where is now the best place to buy?’

Short term memory

It’s a fact that people have short memories. I mean, after the shocking bombing of the London Underground in 2005 (was it really three years ago?) it seemed that no one was ever going to use the Tube again. Everyone went out and bought bicycles. But how short-lived all those healthy intentions were. The London Underground is now as packed (and miserably sweaty) as it always was...

Could China be next?

It is an undisputed fact that China’s economy has been booming beyond recognition. Unprecedented growth rates and out of this world building construction (Shanghai wouldn’t look out of place in any science-fiction movie) have led to a country which is unrecognisable from twenty years ago – well, the cities anyway. All of which has stunned the world.

The Terror of Television

Companies in general (and property companies in particular) are often scared of Television. No, not scared – terrified. It’s because they’ve all seen those undercover TV programmes where secretly recorded dodgy sales people promise clients the Earth in exchange for their hard-earned cash, with unrealistic claims over property appreciation etc...

The Seven Deadly Sins

I was watching a property programme the other night, and pondering the fate of a couple who were complaining that the villa they’d bought in the Valencia region of Spain had turned out to be illegal.

The Next Big Thing?

When it comes to property investment, the question on everyone’s lips is always “where’s the next big thing?” By that, I mean the relentless search for a region which most people wouldn’t bother with at the moment in terms of property investment, but which will someday gain the investment respect that countries like Brazil, Panama, Morocco, and Dubai have achieved today.

Back to the future

I turned on the telly today, and what did I see? Presenters, commentators, and so-called property experts moaning on about house prices falling in the UK and what a disaster it all is, and how it’s now so difficult for the first time buyer to get onto the housing market. It’s enough to make you want to commit property suicide (if there was such a thing).

Does the Spanish property market sill have a pulse?

Over the last few weeks and months I have heard and read literally hundreds of negative stories about the property market in Spain.  Wasn’t it strange then that I was actually paying far more attention to the property magazines and for sale sections of the local Spanish newspapers, if the market was that bad with major estate agents like Viva Estates and Ocean Estates along with a reported 40,000 others closing down or in serious danger of going out of business, why am I so interested in potentially purchasing my first Spanish property now?

The exits are here, here and here, we hope you enjoy investing with IPIN and choose to invest with us again!

There is so much choice and temptation available to today’s property investor that selecting what and when to invest can be quite a daunting decision.  With the current volatility of the currency and stock markets, land and property is still the weapon of choice for many due to its historic long term security but when it actually comes to placing a deposit the choice is mesmerising.

Whats next for international real estate?

Next month I will be off to the SIMA exhibition in Madrid, one of the largest industry exhibitions in Europe.  Now in its tenth year, the exhibition gives a fantastic insight into what’s on the horizon for the world of international property.

Investment Property in Dubai - Old Hat or a Shrewd Move?

Like many of you, I can remember property investment companies offering property in Dubai for what feels like forever.  With so many other emerging markets being debated on the television, radio, internet and magazines every day, I had the feeling that Dubai was pretty much yesterday’s news…

Top Spot in Turkey!

Year after year we have seen foreign direct investment (FDI) to Turkey increase:  It was reported in the Turkish Daily News that FDI in 2007 alone it increased by 9.8 percent to net $21.87 billion, while total FDI was $19.91 billion in 2006.

Ever Increasing Egypt Enquiries

The tourism industry is hardly a new idea in Egypt; after all, there are reports that suggest the first visitors were arriving from Rome over 2000 years ago to gaze in amazement at the unbelievable site of the Pyramids. When visiting today you can still see some of the graffiti etched into the walls by these early visitors, showing that the human desire to mark where they have been is something that isn’t just restricted to the youth of today and visitors of public toilets!

IPIN Records February Surge in Property Enquiries

Well it’s been all doom and gloom for the property investment industry over the last few weeks and months.  Generally people have been watching the news and then their wallets in direct proportion. Obviously the majority of the Western world wakes up in January with a hang-over from Christmas and the New Year, struggling back to work and into what feels like a hectic routine once more.

Panama - A Latin Heavyweight Grows in Popularity

With IPIN soon to launch its first Panama project, I have predictably started to open my eyes to Panama as an investment location.  If I’m honest, what I have found out through my own research and that of our product team has surprised me.

Just a Storm in a Tea Cup

They say when you are feeling seasick, you should look to the horizon to stop the queasy feeling. This is advice that could well be applied to the financial and investment property markets in some areas of the world at present.

Fresh Back From Dubai

I have just come back from meetings in Morocco with Emirati real estate giants, Emaar.  We have been appointed as one of their partners in the marketing and sales of their high quality developments in Rabat and Tangiers. I am sitting in a 19 passenger Beechcraft 1900 from Regional Airlines Maroc; just a slight difference from the Emirates Business Class I was sitting in 3 weeks ago from Heathrow to Dubai!

Mortgages Boost Istanbul Property Market

Turkey’s emerging property market has recently taken an important stride forwards by offering long term LTV mortgages to foreign investors from January this year.

Great Things Ahead in Tangier

Today Tangier is a city fast on the move: recognising its enormous potential, largely driven by its ports and close proximity to Spain and the rest of Europe, King Mohammed VI has implemented a regeneration programme for Tangier. 

Not all that glitters is Gold!

Watching (The One Show Wed 30 Jan, 7:00 pm - 7:30 pm) the subject of investing in gold came up, stating that with the price of gold being on the rise as it has for the past 18 months or so, it would be a good idea. Then, as the dialogue progressed, gold mining shares were then favoured as the choice of investment to make money.

Giant Jellyfish in Dubai?

Home to the biggest and the best; the lavish and the extreme, Dubai is tipped to be the location of yet another spectacular creation, this time designed by innovative Italian designers, The Giancarlo Zema Design Group.   Specialising in semi-submerged architecture, the Group is famed for its ground-breaking architectural designs and is attracting high-level investor attention with its latest project.

Slowdown in Real Estate? Not in Manhattan!

I am currently on a flight to Marrakech to take a look at some new real estate projects and to get some first hand market indicators. I will tell you more about this trip upon my return.

New British Airways Flights to Rio

British Airways has announced the scheduling of a new flight to Rio from Heathrow to begin next winter.  This move is set to have a very positive effect on the fast growing property market in Brazil.

Atlantis 'Discovered' at Sahl Hasheesh

In my capacity as Operations Manager for IPIN, I work closely with our Product Sourcing Team and get to review all kinds of investment projects of various qualities. Some make the grade, but most don’t! During my time with the company, the most unique feature I have come across within any project has to be the Sunken City of Sahl Hasheesh, which is the location of our latest rental investment.
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