voted no.16 in The Top 100 Real Estate Blogs

News just in, has been voted no.16 in The Top 100 Real Estate Blogs.

Upon hearing the news General Manager for Oisin Mac Giolla Chuda said;

"We are extremely honored and proud to have made the top 20! There are hundreds and thousands of real estate blogs out there which we compete with on a daily basis, and we work extremely hard to ensure we provide the best content for everyone involved in the real estate world; from buyers and sellers, to agents and developers ensuring they each have the essential information and marketing tools to make the best decisions."

The battle to be the biggest

Construction in the Middle East is currently undergoing a battle to be the biggest or rather to have the "tallest" building in the world. Infographic

Mark's Movember for AfriKids

Movember, for those who might not have heard of it before is traditionally the annual event of growing moustaches for the month of November to raise money for men's health issues. This month our very own senior accounts manager Mark Courtney is growing "a humongous moustache" but for a very different cause, to raise awareness for AfriKids, his charity of choice.

A slice of recent movie history for sale

Following last week's blog post that explored the subject of veteran movie homes for sale, this week we take a look at their young pretenders. For those who can't move into the exact house that featured in their favourite movie, the answer, apparently, is to simply to create their own replicas …

Movie Stars For Sale

Movie memorabilia is big business, but for those who still can't get enough of their favourite films buying a slice of movie history in the form of one of the property movie stars of the big screen may go some way to satisfy their appetites.

One Step to Heaven!

Remember, as with many things in life, property purchase can often turn out to be more than meets the eye – although in this case it turned out to be a great deal more!  This story is guaranteed to inspire the more daring and adventurous of our property investors.

Invitation to the Best Party in the World. No need to bring a bottle, we have 145 million pints of Beer

You are cordially invited to a party in South-East Brazil on a private area of land twice the size of Manhattan, NYC.  We have 145 million pints of beer to get through and don't worry if that runs out, tomorrow we will have another 145 million pints and the day after that and the day after that......

RSVP to book your place !!

(Unless you are a celebrity whose initials are LL,CC,AW,PD,KM,SM)

Harry Potter Meets Apocalypto in Mexico!

When Steve, one of our more intrepid IPIN portfolio advisors, went on a due diligence trip to our now featured Mexican investment at Yucatan Greens, he was inquisitive and blood-thirsty enough to venture an hour from his tracks to the ancient Mayan site at Chichen Itza, some 200km west of Cancun.
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