Mortgages In Brazil

Below is a general account of the facts about financing a Brazilian purchase.

Foreign individuals or foreign-owned companies can purchase property in Brazil. The mortgage market is underdeveloped in Brazil and foreigners cannot yet obtain a mortgage. Buyers usually arrange alternative financing in their own countries. However Brazilian mortgages are due to be offered to foreigners in the foreseeable future as interest rates drop and as banks develop their products.

Due to a severe lack of available housing for the Brazilians, some 20% of the population lacks adequate housing. The current development of new mortgage laws will make home ownership a more affordable option for much of the population. In 2005 about 50,000 mortgages were granted in Brazil but at high rates. In turn, with the introduction of the Brazilian mortgages, foreigners will be encouraged to create a new supply of housing and assist the economic development currently underway.

Many off-plan developments offer installment plans over between 12 to 60 months. The charges applicable vary according to developer and repayments are usually indexed.

If you have property in your own country and would like to borrow against this in an equity release plan, we can introduce you to independent financial advisors who can help you raise the necessary finance.

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When considering a buying property in Brazil, you are well advised to get expert mortgage advice from a mortgage broker.

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