Natural Factors In Brazil

The natural wonders of Brazil make it a stunning tourist destination. Here are some natural factors to be taken into account when considering the investment potential of Brazil.

Tropical beaches

Brazil boasts some 7,000 km of beautiful white sandy beaches and crystal blue sea, along with exotic vegetation and palm trees which continue to attract growing numbers of visitors each year.

Hot summers and mild winters

Brazil’s climate is ideal for many people. Split into four distinct climates, it can offer something for all tastes while offering year-round sunshine, with average summer temperatures of 21°C.

The four climatic regions are; the Amazon Basin, the Brazilian Plateau, the coast of the Tropics and the southern states. The Amazon basin has no real dry season and Tropical temperatures are typically a humid 27-32 °C / 80-90 °F.

The Brazilian Plateau has a distinct wet season between October and April while the northeast of the region has a much lower average rainfall (in some places less than 750 mm / 30"). The Tropical east coast, which includes Rio de Janeiro, has a hot Tropical climate making it very popular as a tourist destination. In turn, the southern states have a warm temperate climate with an average of 8-9 hours of sunshine a day in summer.

Portuguese, Spanish English and French widely spoken

Brazil is a very cosmopolitan country with investors from all over the world opting for property investment in the area. Language barriers are rarely a problem as English is widely spoken in most situations.

One bonus for many buyers is that there is a good chance of their own language being spoken while French, Spanish and English are all spoken widely in addition to native Portuguese.


Brazil boasts a wealth of interesting sights for visitors to enjoy while much sightseeing is based upon the stunning natural beauty to be found here. The Amazon Rain Forest hosts thousands of rare species, flora and fauna, indigenous tribes as well as sheer wilderness. Dramatic water falls can be enjoyed at Iguaza and the Pantanal Swamps offer a plethora of wildlife and plant species to be admired by the adventurous visitor.

For a less intrepid experience, the famous Copacabana Beach, stretching three miles in front of the densely populated city of Rio de Janeiro is a must and offers an exciting and vibrant atmosphere with a lively street culture.


As the country is becoming increasingly popular as a place to visit, do business or purchase property in, direct charter flights to Brazil are now available from the UK (Heathrow airport) to Salvador for around £180 return.

Brazil proves to be a truly viable holiday destination. It is a promising buy-to-let investment location by virtue of its world-class transport infrastructures that are more than ready to cater for an increased influx of tourists.

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