Brazil 'great for rent' says expert
By Peter Mindenhall

Brazil 'great for rent' says expert

Investing in Brazilian buy-to-let real estate is a profitable venture because of the country's favourable climate, it has been stated.

Samantha Gore, the sales manager at property inspection firm uv10, explained that this situation enables people to buy a home that they can enjoy a holiday in while leaving time to rent it out for the rest of the year.

She stated: "You've got a long rental season because it is warm all year round and a long season you can rent it out for."

Commenting that the market has "proper legs", Ms Gore noted that people do not tend to buy and sell properties quickly, as they tend to enjoy being in the country and see such investments as long-term prospects.

Those looking to buy in Brazil may also find a more favourable exchange rate to the pound than some currencies will provide.

Figures from Halifax showed that in the six months to December 2008 the number of Brazilian reals a pound could buy increased by 15.3 per cent.

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