Brazil hailed as top destination
By Danny Bance

Brazil hailed as top destination

Brazil has been hailed as an outstanding destination for holidaymakers keen to enjoy the country's lifestyle.

Marketing manager at travel firm Journey Latin America Laura Rendell-Dunn commented that apart from the climate, people can enjoy the atmosphere of Brazil.

She stated: "Brazil is well known for its party like atmosphere, the people are very friendly, [there are] lots of street parties going on during carnival."

Such attractions may help to increase the holiday market in the country, which in turn could benefit those investing in tourist property.

Ms Rendell-Dunn noted that while the cities are very busy, regions like Salvador in the north-east of the country are far more "relaxing".

Property inspection firm uv10 recently tipped the north-east as a very good place for property investors.

It said Natal, which is undergoing major infrastructure development and has a new airport, represents a very good place to invest in property.

Sales manager Samantha Gore also stated that nearby Pipa will be a good prospect when a new road to Natal is built.

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