Brazil offers opportunity for massive property growth
By Danny Bance

Brazil offers opportunity for massive property growth may be interested to hear that certain areas of Brazil can offer impressive rates of return.

According to property company uv10, the Petropolis region in Natal presents investors with a great opportunity to reap significant rewards.

Samantha Gore, sales and marketing manager for the company, said that the area was one of the most upmarket and desirable spots in the country.

A burgeoning Brazilian middle class have been purchasing property throughout the region and helping the market to develop at a considerable pace.

"This is the ideal spot for a hands-free investment which cannot fail to deliver returns - either through guaranteed rental income or profitable resale upon completion in 2013, taking into account capital appreciation, the imminent arrival of Fifa World Cup and the opening of Natal's new international airport," she explained.

Overseas Property Professional has reported that UK-based investors have spent more than £30 million on property in Brazil over the course of the last year.

The news provider claims that investors have been taking advantage of the country's well-priced real estate and potential for future growth.

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