Brazil 'is a safe place to live'
By Peter Mindenhall

Brazil 'is a safe place to live'

Brazil has been described as a safe place to live by a Briton who is relocating to the country.

Damon Kestle is leaving his north London home with his pregnant wife Sarah within the next year.

Speaking to the Telegraph, he said the move has been partially driven by a desire to pursue a business enterprise overseas.

However, he also stated that he believes Brazil offers a better standard of living than the UK, as well as lower crime rates.

Mr Kestle commented: "I think Brazil is actually a better place to bring up a child.

"We are living in north London, which is full of knife crime."

He added that country offers a growing economy and is likely to become a more desirable place to live in during the next few years.

According to figures from, Brazil is likely to experience economic growth of about 4.8 per cent this year.

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