Brazilian investment could be lucrative
By James Roberts

Brazilian investment could be lucrative

Overseas property buyers could find Brazil a lucrative investment, a newspaper has suggested.

According to the Times, Latin American countries are well-placed to deal with the current problems in the global economy.

This has prompted the publication to state that this may make places such as Brazil very safe investment options.

As well as offering a growing economy and political stability, Brazil is also enjoying considerable growth in its housing market.

This was said to be partly because new flights are opening up the country and leading to interest from overseas investors.

In addition, the newspaper said Brazilian authorities are preparing to host football World Cup in 2014, a development which further enhances its desirability.

The Times commented: "Latin America is high on glamour but low on prices - the perfect mix for investors."

Brazil's government recently revealed that the country's economy expanded by 5.4 per cent last year.

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