Domestic demand 'boosts Brazilian investment prospects'
By Peter Mindenhall

Domestic demand 'boosts Brazilian investment prospects'

Brazil is currently experiencing high demand for property from the resident population, according to industry analysts.

Amberlamb stated that residential property in areas such as Rio de Janeiro is currently highly sought-after by local people.

Therefore, the organisation has suggested that overseas property buyers take advantage of the situation and snap up some affordable units in bulk.

This would allow investors to hold onto them while they appreciate in value.

Furthermore, the properties would also be able to generate further wealth if they are rented out during the interim period.

Amberlamb commented: "After all Brazil has a massive housing deficit - you could cash in on local demand."

The organisation added that this would make a good alternative to investing in rental accommodation for holidaymakers.

According to figures from, Brazil is likely to experience economic growth of about 4.8 per cent this year.

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