Expert confident about property in Brazil
By James Roberts

Expert confident about property in Brazil

Investing in Brazilian property could be one of the most successful ways of negotiating the current economic uncertainty, it has been suggested.

UK property, the stock market and even traditional safe havens like gold have suffered since the beginning of credit crunch and many investors are searching for more profitable alternatives.

Their best strategy could be to buy land and property in emerging economies, according to Jonathan Garner of Morgan Stanley.

He told Reuters he has been recommending to his clients that they consider investing in growing markets such as Brazil for a number of reasons.

"The credit crunch has very limited relevance to many emerging markets. Not only are the banks in good shape, you've also got households that are not overextended," Mr Garner explained.

Many overseas investors already appear to have spotted the potential offered by the South American country's economy, as figures published by the Central Bank showed that foreign direct investment grew from $18.8 billion in 2006 to $34.6 billion last year.

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