Further praise for the property market in Brazil
By Steve Binge

Further praise for the property market in Brazil

An increasing amount of property experts are tipping the Brazilian property market to be the best destination for overseas investment in 2010.

The latest portal to add its recommendation is Property Abroad, which has highlighted the top three reasons why investors should consider heading to the South American destination.

Firstly, prices in the country are on the rise, yet they are still among the lowest in the world and represent a real bargain in comparison to developed markets.

The portal also sights the massive economic growth which the country is predicted to experience in the next few years, citing the recent discovery of oil as a catalyst for further growth and rising affluence among its citizens.

Finally, the forthcoming 2010 football World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games are likely to boost tourism to the country, with rental yields and property prices expected to rise as a result.

Rio de Janeiro will become the first South American city to host an Olympic Games when it does so in six years time.

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