Investors told to act quickly in Brazilian property market
By James Roberts

Investors told to act quickly in Brazilian property market

Property investors looking to buy real estate in Brazil should do so as soon as possible, according to one expert.

Glauco Chris Fuzinatto, director for UK and Ireland for the Brazilian Tourist Office, has said that the country's growing economy, combined with massive investment in infrastructure, is causing house prices to rise.

He continued: "The economy in Brazil is the strongest it has ever been and it is quite stable. That makes even the Europeans and foreign investors invest more into Brazil."

Mr Fuzinatto stated that the most popular areas for investment tended to be in the north-east, where individuals can take advantage of better airport links.

He cited the forthcoming 2014 football World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games as reasons the country is seeing a rise in interest from potential property buyers.

In November last year, told researchers that Brazil would be the number one destination for foreign investment in 2010.

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