Is Natal's Zona Norte a hotspot for Brazilian property?
By Peter Mindenhall

Is Natal's Zona Norte a hotspot for Brazilian property?

The rapidly expanding suburb of Zone Norte in Natal is offering huge opportunities for real estate investment in Brazil.

Natal is one of the fastest growing cities in the north-east of the country, with over 300,000 Brazilians moving there in recent years. As a result, property in the middle-class district of Zona Norte is in high demand, according to Obelisk International.

A mostly residential area, Zone Norte has seen a massive influx of middle-class citizens, which is the largest and fastest growing sector of Brazilian society.

The prospects of real estate in Zona Norte are also being boosted by its commercial growth, with the firm highlighting the large number of new businesses that have sprung up in the area since 2007

Dean Thomas, managing director of DLT property, a developer operating in north-east Brazil, recently said the country is an attractive market for real estate investors.

He cited "strong economic growth, a rapidly increasing middle class [and] increased consumer spending" as some of the reasons why people are considering investing in Brazilian property.

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