Pipa and Natal hailed as best for Brazil
By Peter Mindenhall

Pipa and Natal hailed as best for Brazil

The best regions of Brazil to invest in are Pipa and Natal, an expert has commented.

Sales manager at property inspection firm uv10 Samantha Gore said the construction of a large airport in Natal is likely to drive investment in the region.

She stated: "It is the closest point to Europe and South America, so it is going to act as a hub between the two continents, so that's the area where all the federal investment is going."

Ms Gore added that the Pipa region to the south of Natal will benefit from this investment as a new access road is being constructed and the area is popular with tourists, meaning there is a strong rental prospect.

The area's beaches and wildlife are a particular attraction of Pipa, she remarked.

Brazil's property market is operating in an economy that has seen some of the strongest growth in Latin America.

According to the Latin Business Chronicle last month, the country enjoyed economic growth of 19 per cent between 2003 and 2008, compared with 18 per cent in Chile, 16 per cent in Argentina and Colombia and seven per cent in Mexico over the same period.

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