'Remember the fundamentals' when buying land in Brazil
By Peter Mindenhall

'Remember the fundamentals' when buying land in Brazil

Investors who are considering purchasing land in Brazil need to remember the fundamentals of the real estate market when deciding on a plot.

This is the advice of DLT Property managing director Dean Thomas, who explained because Brazil is such a large country, it can be hard to know where to begin when you start searching for a suitable location for a Brazilian real estate investment.

He recommended focusing on "a popular domestic and international tourism destination which is easily accessible by road, air and sea". Mr Thomas added any beachfront property is desirable, as it will hold its value.

Purchasers should also make sure they research the local market to ensure they do not pay over the odds for their plot, with Mr Thomas reminding buyers that, although Brazilian land may seem cheap compared to other international destinations, it is important to pay a "competitive rate for the local market".

It appears investors are keen to enter the Brazilian property market, with TheMoveChannel revealing developments in the north-eastern state of Rio Grande do Norte received the most enquiries in April.

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