Strategy ‘must be right’ for buyers in Brazil
By James Roberts

Strategy ‘must be right’ for buyers in Brazil

Potential property buyers in Brazil are looking for long staged payments on any purchases, it has been claimed.

According to specialist agent, the country offers a platform for “excellent growth”, but the strategy has to be right before investors will part with their money.

“Reasons vary according to individual circumstances but a feeling of enhanced security is a common theme, especially when the payments are pegged against milestones of the construction process,” said Samantha Gore, sales manager for the real estate company.

“This way they have the reassurance that the development will be built as planned."

Indeed, many of the larger investors who have bought property in Brazil have managed to spread their risk over a number of different projects.

Others are looking to sell-on prior to completion to release some cash without having committed all their funds, while some are happy to keep hold of their investment and bank on capital rises following the FIFA World Cup in 2014, Ms Gore explained.

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