Timing crucial for Brazilian property investment
By Steve Binge

Timing crucial for Brazilian property investment

Timing is crucial for individuals looking to invest in the Brazilian property market, it has been claimed.

Property investment company Obelisk has recommended potential buyers add to their housing portfolios at the beginning of the country's property boom to avoid paying high prices.

A strong economy, huge supply of natural resources and growing middle class citizenship are cited as reasons that Brazil is now one of the most exciting emerging markets, with the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games acting as further testament to its potential.

The director of the Brazilian Tourist Office in the UK and Ireland, Glauco Chris Fuzinatto, told Halifax International that now is the time to invest in the South American country.

He said: "People who want to invest in Brazil are going to have to invest quite quickly because there has been a huge investment in the infrastructure so the housing prices are starting to get high."

One of the most popular locations for buyers could be Rio after it became the first South American city to be chosen to host the Olympic Games.

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