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Search for Property in BulgariaThe Bulgaria Property section provides a list of our Bulgarian property for sale, here you can view pictures and see details of property available in Bulgaria currently and begin to find you ideal Bulgaria property.

Investment Property in Bulgaria

Investment Property in Bulgaria

A look at why Bulgaria has become one of the world's hottest locations for property investment. View our current selected Bulgaria property investment opportunities and use our extensive research information.

Guide to Property in Bulgaria

Guide to Property in Bulgaria

A comprehensive guide to Bulgaria, including, facts about Bulgaria, the history of Bulgaria, area guides, cuisine, crime and much much more. Use this section to help decide if Bulgaria property is for you.

Property News in Bulgaria

Property News in Bulgaria

Keep up to date with all the latest Bulgaria property and investment news and articles. Provided by and carefully selected sources from around the world.

Investment Research in Bulgaria

Investment Research in Bulgaria

Take a look at some of the reasons and facts why Bulgaria property is currently seen as solid investment. Property investment in Bulgaria is growing in popularity in Europe.

Investment Locations

Investment Locations

In addition to Bulgaria property for sale and investment opportunities in Bulgaria we also offer an extensive range of impressive International Real Estate throughout the World.

Bulgarian Property still offers outstanding Investment Potential.

The current boom in property in Bulgaria consists mainly of high quality new developments in both the ski resorts like Bansko and the seaside resorts along the Black Sea Coast. Bulgaria property caters for all tastes, whether in terms of location or property style, and offers unbeatable prices.

Before considering the purchase of a Bulgarian property in any location , we suggest you take a look at our Bulgaria Property Guide which will give you a complete understanding of the buying process. If you are looking at Bulgarian property as an investment vehicle, it is also essential that you take a look at our Bulgaria Property Investment Section. The boxes below provide you with access to all the information you will need to learn about Bulgarian property. The 'Property for Sale in Bulgaria' section lists the current excellent real estate opportunities we have in Bulgaria.

Bulgarian Property Market – Overview

Bulgaria property is being purchased by shrewd investors, keen to take advantage of the current low prices, while they sit back and watch the value of their properties increase at a steady and rapid pace.

This great investment opportunity is a result of extensive World Bank funding, allowing improvements to Bulgaria’s infrastructure and tourism industry and transforming it from its former Communist days. Bulgarian holiday homes have now become a truly viable option for investors looking for a promising "Buy to Let" market while they enjoy safe and very profitable returns on their investment.

The World Bank predicts economic growth in Bulgaria to continue this year by some 6%. What is more, Bulgaria is now serviced by low cost airlines making it all the more accessible to visitors. Meanwhile, the country continues to make major improvements to accommodate a booming economic growth in Bulgaria - all good news to foreign investors.

For a potential property investor, Bulgarian property currently offers the perfect opportunity to invest into anemerging property market very early when property prices are at an all-time low. Bulgaria is an area of stunning beauty with many natural charms and a warm climate.

Bulgaria Property Investment

For a potential property investor, Bulgarian property currently offers the perfect opportunity to invest into an emerging property market very early when property prices are at an all-time low. Bulgaria is an area of stunning beauty with many natural charms and a warm climate.

You can read more about the investment potential of Bulgaria in our Investment Property in Bulgaria section. In recent months, Bulgaria has enjoyed much media attention, drastically increasing the profile of the country and encouraging a new influx of tourists. For the Bulgaria property investor this is very encouraging as with the increase in visitors comes a requirement for rental properties and an excellent "Buy to Let" property market. Low cost airlines are in competition, forcing down the cost of airfares and increasing accessibility to major tourist locations within Bulgaria.

Needless to say, early investors always benefit from the best possible prices and largest financial gains - as the demand for Bulgarian property in the popular areas increases, so will the value of prime property units By far the most popular option is to buy off-plan. It makes financial sense to get in there while the price is at its lowest and sell upon completion of the project.

Reasons why property in Bulgaria is a good investment

  • Early stage of development in Bulgaria, ideal time to invest.
  • Huge tourism growth potential. Increase of 50% between 2000 and 2004 (90% increase from EU visitors).
  • Stable government committed to economic reform.
  • Strong bid for the 2014 winter Olympic games.
  • Strong possibility of inclusion in the European Union in 2007 backed by the UK.
  • Excellent property prices very low compared to most other European locations.
  • "Blue Flag" Beaches along 354km of Black Sea coast.
  • Top Ski resorts with latest equipment - See Bulgaria Ski Resorts.
  • Short flight times from Europe.
  • Average air temperature on Black Sea Coast in Summer is 27°c and average water temperature is 22°c.
  • Considered one of the most rapidly advancing countries in Europe.

Homebuyers in Bulgaria

For homebuyers looking to re-locate, now is also a great time to look at Bulgarian property, while living standards within the country are rapidly reaching those of northern Europe. Today the cost of living is considerably cheaper than back home and to many people, the quality of life in Bulgaria is second to none.

Property prices are set to increase while homebuyers can purchase far more property for their money in the current Bulgarian market then almost anywhere else in Europe.

For the second or holiday home buyer, Bulgaria offers beautiful blue flag beaches and some excellent ski resorts which act as ideal escapes from the hustle and bustle of city life. With the increasing popularity of the major resorts, it is entirely possible that owners of Bulgarian holiday homes can expect excellent rental returns should they decide to rent their property during free periods.

Bulgaria Property Hotspots

Apartments in the ski resorts of Blagoevgrad are currently selling very quickly. Properties in the Black Sea Coast are still very popular for home buyers as well as investors looking to tap into the holiday rental market.

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