Investment Property In Bulgaria

Bulgaria is one of the most popular locations for European investors. Recent infrastructure improvements to supplement increased tourism provide the background for investment property in Bulgaria to become a stable market.

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Research And Information

Research And Information

Useful research information and articles on Bulgarian property investment and how Bulgarian off-plan investment properties can benefit property investors.

Bulgaria Proves to be a Favorite With European Property Investors.

Investment property in Bulgaria is consistently talked about today as amongstthe best emerging markets of south Eastern Europe. Bulgaria offers great potential to the early investors and here we take a look at some of the main factors for consideration when deciding to invest in Bulgaria.

Why Invest in Bulgaria Property?

Bulgaria is now considered to be one of the greatest emerging markets for worldwide property investors and according to world officials, Bulgaria´s property boom is set to last. Natural and economic factors heavily contribute towards Bulgaria’s significant growth potential.

Natural and Cultural Factors

  • 11 "Blue Flag" beaches along 354km of Black Sea Coast
  • 37,500km hiking paths and mountain trails
  • Roman, Greek and Thracian historical attractions, which includes nine UNESCO world heritage sites
  • Top ski resorts with latest equipment - See Bulgaria ski resorts
  • Modern, vibrant city of Sofia, steeped in history and bustling with 21st century commercialism. See Sofia city property investment
  • Budget air services and short direct flight times from Europe.
  • Borders with Greece, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro and Turkey
  • Low population density
  • Average air temperature on Black Sea Coast in summer is 27°C and the average water temperature is 22°C
  • Over 500 mineral springs, some with world-class spa facilities

Economic Factors

  1. Early stages of development in Bulgaria make it an ideal time to invest.
  2. Huge tourism growth, with figures up by 20% in 2006 compared to the previous year
  3. The World Tourism Organisation predicts Bulgaria to welcome in excess of 20 million tourists by 2020.
  4. EU member with stable government, committed to further economic reform.
  5. Large amounts of ongoing foreign direct investment.
  6. Excellent property prices and growth potential compared with most other European locations.
  7. Widely considered as one of the most rapidly advancing European countries.
  8. Property construction now puts emphasis on high quality design and build with minimal environmental effect.
  9. According to the Institute of International Finance, GDP growth is expected to be highest in Eastern Europe at 6% for 2005 / 2006.


Bulgaria is now offering some of the best investment opportunities available, with profits on off-plan purchase often reaching as much as 50% upon completion. However, capital growth will undoubtedly slow down eventually. Intelligent investors are making the most of today´s real estate market in Bulgaria, while opportunities still last for land, buy-to-let and pure investment options.

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