Natural Factors In Bulgaria

Bulgaria boasts some stunning natural beauty. Find out below what it is about Bulgaria’s natural features that continues to entice increasing numbers of visitors and investors.

The natural charms of Bulgaria are becoming better known as increasing numbers of tourists visit and enjoy the great range of outstanding beauty to be found here. With an ideal climate for both beach and ski holidays, stunning mountain scenery and exciting city life, Bulgaria boasts a wealth of natural charms which provide a solid base for its property industry.

Tourism plays a large part in Bulgaria’s economic success story and it has become the fastest growing tourist economy in Europe, representing some 12% of Bulgaria’s GDP today. With this kind of growth in the tourist sector and property prices still at a low, it is not surprising that Bulgaria has become one of the world’s most exciting emerging property markets and it is currently attracting interest from investors all over the world.

Some of the driving forces behind Bulgaria’s tourism success:

  • "Blue Flag" Beaches - Bulgaria boasts stunning beaches along the Black Sea coast. No less than eleven of these beaches have obtained the "Blue Flag" and account for 354km of the coastline.
  • Mountain Trails - Bulgaria contains around an incredible 37,500km of hiking paths and mountain trails, making it a firm favourite with ramblers and explorers. These trails run through many stunning locations with breathtaking views.
  • Roman, Greek And Thracian Historical Attractions - Bulgaria is composed of a unique blend of cultures and can boast nine UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organisation) world heritage sites
  • Top Ski Resorts - Bulgaria offers world class skiing facilities and excellent ski resorts, namely Bansko and Borovets. Bansko is the most established of the two, while Borovets is newer and larger. Borovets has experienced a great deal of infrastructure improvements aimed at helping to improve its strong bid for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. Read more about Bulgaria ski resorts
  • The Capital City of Sofia – Not only does the city offer an interesting cultural heritage and a ski resort to attract tourists, it now has a new facet to boost its economy: just prior to EU accession, the capital experienced a huge influx of diplomatic staff and multinational corporations investing in the city, all with international, top-end standards to keep and high demand for quality accommodation. The entire population of Sofia has found a whole new appetite for luxury items, shopping malls and a better lifestyle typical of any vibrant European city today and investors are today identifying this trend as a outstanding opportunity for investment.
  • Short Flight Times From Europe - Due to its geographical location, Bulgaria is only a short flight of from major European cities and budget airlines are offering travel to Bulgaria easier than ever. Bulgaria is 2 hours and 45 minutes flight time from London.
  • Borders With Greece, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro And Turkey - Sharing its borders with many other countries, Bulgaria has taken a little from each to form an interesting and unique culture of its own.
  • Low Population Density - Bulgaria is a sparsely populated country roughly the same size as the United Kingdom but its population is only around 7.45 million. Major cities like Sofia are more heavily populated but a feeling of space predominates.
  • Warm Air Temperature in Summer - On the Black Sea coast the average air temperature during the summer months is 27°C and water temperature is around 22°C.
  • Mineral Springs - Bulgaria is also home to around 500 natural springs of various mineral contents, which are increasingly popular as tourist destinations

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