Why Invest In Bulgaria Property?

Property is a powerful investment tool today. Below we outline the reasons why shrewd investors are currently choosinge worldwide property to generate wealth and why Bulgaria is a great investment market in which to purchase property.

Property is today’s preferred financial investment. The Stock Market has traditionally offered high returns but today it proves to be a highly volatile market. When compared to the relative stability of many worldwide property markets, underperforming stock markets are becoming less popular amongst investors. It is interesting to note that 50% of all members of The Times Rich List made their fortunes through property investments.

Property has therefore become the wise investor’s weapon of choice. Remember that no other investment allows you to purchase and sell using other peoples’ money, ie. the bank’s money. Meanwhile the property is often paid for by rental income from holiday makers or tenants, leaving the investor largely free of personal expenditure.

Shrewd investors regard property as a product rather than an emotional preference. With adequate due diligence, property can be selected and used as a successful investment vehicle, whether this is in the form of a re-assignable contract option from an off-plan investment or a buy-to-let situation to generate reliable rental income. Whatever your strategy, property chosen in the right location can generate substantial capital appreciation.

Equity release is a popular option allowing you to release funds against a property you already own. Experience shows that property in good condition and located in the right area will see an increase in value each year, eg. a property worth just €4,000 30 years ago, today would be worth around €225,000.

Why Invest In Bulgaria?

  • Bulgaria is an exciting emerging market and currently offers property at prices simply un-obtainable in other areas of the world. With prices steadily rising and set to continue to do so for some time, wise property investment in Bulgaria promises excellent returns on investment. Purchasers are snapping up bargains now, with a view to enjoying excellent returns on investment in the near future.
  • With an increase in tourism of 50% between 2000 and 2004, Bulgaria has established itself with the fastest growing tourist trade in Europe and this, in turn, is steadily driving property prices upwards. Tourism concentrates mainly on the Black Sea Coast resorts and increasingly popular ski locations and it is creating a very stable buy-to-let environment for investors.
  • Bulgaria is a new member of the EU. Traditionally new EU countries experience steep increases in property values and tourism from other EU nations, and have upgraded their infrastructures and economic structures to EU standards.
  • Bulgaria has come a long way since its former Communist days and today has a stable government committed to economic reform. Now a modern, strong and rapidly growing country, Bulgaria is recognized for its promise on the international market with GDP growth reaching the highest in Eastern Europe (Institute of International Finance) at 6% for 2005/2006.
  • With warm weather and stunning blue flag beaches as well as beautiful countryside,and modern, vibrant cities Bulgaria has something to offer everyone.
  • Close proximity to Europe and increased low cost airlines offering direct routes to Bulgaria from many UK and other European airports, make Bulgaria easily accessible and a viable property location for investors and property purchasers alike.
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