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SIPP Investors Boosting Sales of Resort Property and Hotel Rooms

From the same government that gave us the HIP, we also have the SIPP. The Home Information Pack was called the worst piece of housing legislation the housing market has ever seen by many -- I called it a good idea with bad implementation...   
31 October 2011

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Financing Your Dream Cape Verdean Property

Once defined by The Independent as a “Low-cost rival to the Caribbean”, Cape Verde is a stunning archipelago of nine Atlantic islands, studded with white sandy beaches, just 300 miles off the west coast of Africa...   
17 July 2008

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Winds of Change in Cape Verde

Basking in the sun just off the north western coast of Africa, Cape Verde is a glorious archipelago of nine inhabited islands boasting a colourful creole of African and European cultures, today bringing a fresh surge of tourism and investment to its shores.   
18 July 2007

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