Investment Property In Cape Verde

These stunning islands are being billed as the new canary islands for holidaymakers; with the market currently in it's early stages, investors can look to gain early entry at low prices but investment property in Cape Verde is set to boom.

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Research And Information

Research And Information

An in-depth look at property investment in Cape Verde and how these islands can offer the investment potential they do to property investors. Also, discover why now is the time to invest in Cape Verde.

One of the Most Exciting New Property Investment Locations of Recent Times.

The Cape Verde Islands are located on the west coast of Africa. Investment property in Cape Verde was recently featured on the UK Channel 4 TV’s programme, "A Place In The Sun", as the top property investment location of 2005/2006. Compared to many European destinations, property prices remain highly competitive in Cape Verde and this loction is growing increasingly popular with international property buyers as a wealth of investment potential here becomes more evident.

Why invest in Cape Verde?

The Cape Verde investment strategy is based upon a promising emerging market. Cape Verde allows investors the enviable opportunity to purchase land and quality property in a prime location now, while prices remain very low. The islands are enjoying the advent of a huge tourist boom and this will have an inevitable impact on the value of all timely real estate investments in Cape Verde.

Natural and Cultural Factors

  • Year-round warm, sunny weather.
  • Closest Tropical islands to Europe.
  • Beautiful beaches, exotic Tropical plantations and breathtaking mountains.
  • Low cost of living and affordable holidays.
  • Flight times of only 5.5 hrs from UK with little jet-ag due to similar longitude.

Economic Factors

  • Early stages of development in Cape Verde make it an ideal time to invest.
  • Huge growth potential in tourist industry.
  • New International Airport. Cape Verde airlines to start direct flights from UK in 2006.
  • Very strong public and private investment.
  • Currently being re-classified as a "middle-income" country due to foreign investment in infrastructure and tourism.
  • Strong possibility of inclusion in the European Union.
  • Excellent property prices, Cape Verde beach apartments from €47,000.
  • Exchange rate value of local currency is fixed to the Euro.
  • A multi-party, stable democracy, supportive of foreign direct investment.
  • Over 70% increase in property value over the next 24 months expected.
  • Guaranteed rental schemes in place for up to 3 years.

Dont Take Our Word For It

Below are some extracts from the "Property Investor News" showing property investment in Cape Verde is gaining popularity.

Investment property in Cape Verde is currently one of the best locations worldwide to purchase property when looking for a good ROI. With the information above its clear to see the potential of these islands and as soon as Cape Verde becomes a mainstream holiday destination the price of property here will almost certainly increase drastically.

Santiago island, which is situated in the Cape Verde Islands, just south of the Canaries is set to become the world's new luxury tourism destination.

With its all year round warmth and sunshine, the exotic Cape Verde Islands, is set to rival the Canaries tourism trade, thanks to the new international airport of Praia, which will begin operating direct flights from Europe in March. Flight times from London, Paris or Amsterdam, for instance will only be 5.5 hours.

"The opening of the new airport puts Santiago on course not only to become a popular tourist hub, but also to offer imaginative British property investors an excellent financial return, and a high-quality environment for their personal enjoyment", says Johnathan Grepne, Managing Director of a Cape Verde based development company."


It is very widely believed that Cape Verde is currently on the brink of an economic boom. Heavy investment in tourism and increased foreign investment in property create a perfect environment for good returns on investment within this emerging market. With increased direct flight services to Cape Verde from Europe, the islands’ true potential as a mainstream holiday destination is clear to see.

The appeal of being Europe’s first Tropical, Africa-based tourist destination continues to draw increasing numbers of tourists to the islands each year (150,000 per annum 2004) and with increased infrastructure and accommodation available, these figures are expected to soar to 500,000 by 2015

The popularity of Cape Verde is increasing rapidly as investors become aware of its unrivaled potential. If you are interested in the potential market growth in Cape Verde, we suggest you act fast as some of the best priced developments are now already 50% sold, while prices will begin to rise in the very near future. We offer inspection trips to Cape Verde so that members can see for themselves the great potential the islands have for holiday home and large scale property investors alike.

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