Why Invest In Cape Verde?

Investment property in Cape Verde is a market that is progressing fast due to a sharp increase in tourism on the islands. Find out here all the factors that make Cape Verde an ideal investment location today.

International property purchase is one of today’s most lucrative investment vehicles. Increasing numbers of people are looking to the promise of Cape Verde and purchasing property now before the area becomes the international holiday hotspot it is soon set to become.

Prices of property in Cape Verde are currently very low and there is a great availability of large land plots for sale prior to development. Cape Verde is currently receiving a large amount of international investment and is making the required infrastructure changes to ensure it realizes its full potential as one of the world’s leading year-round holiday destinations. Property prices remain very competitive prior to completion of the tourist infrastructure and development projects.

The recently opened new international airport will welcome direct flights from the UK in 2006 and, with this, we are seeing the very start of Cape Verde’s huge tourism drive, making Cape Verde a perfect location for property investors.

Why Invest in Cape Verde?

  • Cape Verde is a top investment hotspot of the world while it currently undergoes huge development in tourist infrastructures.
  • Property prices are at an all-time low and are sure to appreciate as Cape Verde begins to establish itself as a top international holiday destination.
  • Direct flights from the UK commencing November 2006.
  • Tax holiday incentives to foreign property purchasers.
  • Exemptions of duties on imported materials for use in construction and installation projects connected with tourism investments.
  • Strong economic position, encouraging high returns on investment.
  • Stunning beaches, exotic Tropical plantations and breathtaking mountains to entice tourists.
  • Year-round warm, sunny weather.
  • Very low cost of living, offering affordable holidays.
  • Strong possibility of eventual inclusion in the European Union.
  • Exchange rate value of local currency is fixed to the Euro.
  • Multi-party very stable democracy, supportive of foreign direct investment.
  • Over 70% increase in some property values over 2 years expected.

For further information on property investment in Cape Verde, please visit our Investment Research in Cape Verde section.

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