Pure Investment Cape Verde

The 'pure' investment strategy involves the aquisition of an investment property with the intention of selling as quickly as possible for a substantial ROI (Return On Investment).

The market in Cape Verde (See below) is ideal for this type of property investor for many reasons outlined in our market growth in Cape Verde, economic factors in Cape Verde and Natural factors in Cape Verde sections.

"Pure Investment " Market in Cape Verde

Cape Verde offers a unique opportunity to property investors allowing them the opportunity to buy property at very low prices in a very new emerging market. By reading our investment research in Cape Verde section you can get a feel for the potential of the Cape Verde property market. The government in Cape Verde is actively encouraging international investment in addition to its natural features to develop the area into a Worldwide holiday resort. Thids is destined to happen in the very near future with the most obvious signpost to this being the completion in 2005 of the new International airport and the announcement of direct UK flights to the area set to begin in 2006.

There are many exciting developments already underway with new hotels, holiday villages, golf courses and many other infrastructural improvements to allow the Cape Verde Islands to compete as a World class tourist resort.

For the "Pure" property investor there is the possibility to purchase property and land very early on the islands at very competitive prices. As the development on the islands progresses, tourism increases and awareness improves the price of property is anticipated to grow steeply (many credible sources release Cape Verde property news outlining the potential for growth). It is without doubt the very early investors who invest in property at the first stages of development on these islands that will surely make the largest profit gains.

The islands are often compared to Tenerife and the Canary islands. Imagine purchasing prime beachfront land or property on the Canary islands many years ago prior to it becoming the popular destination it is today and imagine how the value of that land or property would have appreciated as the demand in the area drastically increased. This is the situation available today for investors in Cape Verde.

Cape Verde offers a great opportunity for "pure" investors to secure property and land now and sell in the short term to secondary buyers but there are also some excellent opportunities in outlined in our buy to let investment Cape Verde section.

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