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Cape Verdean land often shows good investment potential within a new tourism market. Below is an overview of the various land options available on each island. are unique in maintaining direct contacts with Cape Verde land owners who are able to offer land at extremely competitive rates on an exclusive basis.

The Cape Verdean government has initiated a National Development Programme (see our market growth in Cape Verde section), aimed at creating a strong tourism industry on the islands. A consequence of the plan is that planning permission can be allocated with a minimum of fuss and tax breaks are granted to developers and constructors to encourage further development on the islands.

Land on Cape Verde is a limited resource while the scarcer the commodity becomes, the more valuable it is. With the demand for land suitable for development skyrocketing on the islands over the past two years, its value has increased accordingly. However, land is currently priced relatively low due to its immediate availability, although it could well become a valuable asset as the development on the islands really takes hold.

Buying the right land on Cape Verde now is one of the safest and most viable investments today. It is inevitable that land values throughout the Cape Verde islands will continue to rise significantly over the coming years, while the predicted boom in tourism is leading to a high demand for land and construction.

Development plans and business models are in place while the government fulfills its pledge for major investment in the islands’ infrastructures. Private, foreign investment is also being encouraged for projects such as golf courses, leisure parks, shopping centres and tourist resorts.

Land can be sourced for the large-scale development of resorts and accommodation, subject to your specific requirements.

For example:

One particular 500 hectar parcel of land on the island of Maio is available for development, while smaller plots for individual building projects are not considered to be of benefit to the Cape Verde NDP, specifically for tourism. Land owners are reluctant to split their land into smaller plots as they target major investors who buy the entire plot, with the added benefit that they do not have to undergo the legal process involved in splitting up land.

Land on Boa Vista, Cape Verde

Boa Vista Island is the nearest of the Cape Verde islands to the West African coast. One of the most striking features of this island is its large stretches of sandy beaches. The beach at Santa Monica is particularly spectacular, with up to 6km of soft white sand and a crystal clear ocean. Conditions are perfect for all kinds of water sports. This is earmarked as an ideal location for future exclusive development.

By contrast, the interior on Boa Vista is barren. Composed of volcanic rock, the terrain is almost like a Mars landscape due to the iron-rich soil and stone. Although this description befits the majority of the inland area, it is interrupted in many places by luscious green, tropical areas, making it an ideal landscape for adventure treks on beach buggies or camels.

The climate on Boa Vista Island is influenced mainly by the hot, dry winds emanating from the Sahara desert, just 350 miles away. The capital of the island, Sal Rei, is a quiet fishing port by day but a bustling haven of activity by night.

Land on Santiago Island, Cape Verde

Santiago Island is the largest island of the Cape Verde group and features the bustling, typically African capital of Praia. Unlike its neighbours Sal Island, Boa Vista Island and Maio Island, the interior of Santiago Island is fertile with thriving bananas, papaya and maize plantations. Here you get a real sense that you are indeed on a Tropical island with mountains and lush, green vegetation.

The island’s mountainous interior is made up of two main mountain chains, with the highest point at Pico d'Antonia peaking 1,392m above sea level. This beautiful landscape with its rural villages, botanical gardens, colourful markets, green valleys and occasional beaches surrounded by palm trees is sure to make it a target area for serious future investment.

A consequence of this mountainous landscape is that there are fewer beaches on Santiago Island than on the other islands. The coastline is mainly rugged with just the occasional sandy beach. You will notice however, on the plans for ongoing developments, man made beaches are being delivered.

Land on Sal, Cape Verde

The comparatively small Sal Island is currently by far the most geared to tourism, with virtually its entire coastline being made up of white, sandy beaches. The coastal town of Santa Maria is a haven for water sports enthusiasts and is perhaps the busiest resort on the islands, with a number of significant developments currently underway and a supporting international airport at Espargos. The climate on Sal Island is incredibly reliable, with sunshine guaranteed almost all year round.

The interior of the island is however, mainly made up of endless salt flats with the unusual effect of a lunar landscape. Perhaps the most spectacular point of interest on inland Sal is the salt mine at Pedro Lume, which is contained within an inactive volcano. It is around its stunning coastline however, that Sal Island offers itself as a fantastic destination for would-be land developers.

Land on Maio, Cape Verde

Praia is just a 7 minute flight away from Maio.

As possibly the flattest of the Cape Verde islands and one of the smallest, Maio is expected to become an exclusive bolt-hole for the professional workers of Praia, once it develops into the business centre it is expected to become.

Possibly the flattest island of the archipelago group, Maio has vast, empty beaches and dunes. The island does actually show evidence of volcanic activity in the past, although the effects of wind erosion have made this factor go largely unnoticed. The vast unspoilt beaches of Maio have become a favorite nesting ground for sea turtles.
The capital town of the island is Vila do Maio, which is a very quiet town, centered on its market. There is very little to see inland, although with the presence of such a scenic coastline and the relatively low cost of land compared to other more established islands, all indications show this small island promises to be an excellent location for exclusive developments.

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