Cape Verde to get faster online link
By James Roberts

Cape Verde to get faster online link

Cape Verde is to get new telecommunications services that will enable it to enjoy faster internet connections, it has been revealed.

A EUR50 million (GBP34 million) collaboration between Portugal Telecom and Cape Verde Telecom will see an undersea cable established between Portugal and west Africa, with the archipelago being first in line to receive it, Macauhub reports.

The investment will provide the Cape Verde Islands with a faster internet connection from 2011, the news provider states, something that could help boost its economy and encourage those thinking of investing in property there.

Portugal's government recently agreed major investment deals with its Cape Verdean counterpart to boost the infrastructure of the islands, a separate Macauhub report stated.

This included a EUR100 million credit line for the development of renewable energy and EUR22.3 million for the upgrade of San Pedro airport on the island of Sao Vicente, plus a new airport.

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