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China Property News

The latest property and real estate-related news for China and surrounding areas

  • Bangkok's residential Property Market remains robust in Q2

    Bangkok's residential Property Market remains robust in Q2

    23 August 2018

    Both real estate firm JLL and estate agents Colliers report healthy sales for the second quarter of 2018. Interest from overseas buyers and greater domestic demand, especially from Hongkong and China, meant that Bangkok'...

  • President Xi vows to grow rental Market amid Outcry on Chinese Home Prices

    President Xi vows to grow rental Market amid Outcry on Chinese Home Prices

    16 February 2018

    Both Blomberg and the New York Times reported last month that China has begun to experiment with various measures in an effort to "tame its wild property market". China's all-powerful president Xi Jinping has vowed to gr...

  • Chinese buyers continue to snap up real estate

    Chinese Property Investment Reaches $30 Billion In 2015

    18 March 2016

    Despite market turbulence back home, Chinese buyers continue to snap up real estate in major western markets. Transaction volume reached $30 billion in 2015, double the levels seen in 2014 according to Knight Frank's lat...

  • Housing affordability in Hong Kong is its worst

    Hong Kong Housing Ranked Most Unaffordable in the World

    16 February 2016

    According to the 12th Annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey of 87 global cities by US think-tank Demographia, property in Hong Kong is the most expensive in the world while that in the US is the m...

  • Biggest monthly decline in four years

    Hong Kong Homebuyers Snap Up Apartments despite Pending US Rate Rise

    08 December 2015

    In a sign of improving buyer sentiment in Hong Kong, more than 80% of apartments on the market at Yuccie Square in Yuen Long were snapped up as developer Cheung Kong Property kicked off sales at the end of November.

  • Deep relations with China

    Rising Sentiment among Chinese Investors for Italian Real Estate

    07 December 2015

    According to China's Xinhua News Agency there is increasing interest among China's wealthiest investors for both commercial and residential properties in Italy's prime markets.

  • Crowdfunding Booming in Asia

    Real Estate Crowdfunding Booming in Asia

    24 November 2015

    In Asia, real estate crowdfunding is in its infancy and is mostly about presales and debts instead of equity investment, with regulators yet to pin down the details on how they should govern the fledging industry.

  • the super-skyscraper Phoenix Towers

    World's Tallest Building to Purify Environment

    04 February 2015

    At 1km high, the Phoenix Towers will become the tallest structure in the world when completed in Wuhan, China at a cost of around €1.9bn. Despite the huge cost of constructing the super-skyscraper, its high-tech eco-desi...

  • A 5-storey printed building

    3D-Printed Homes – The Shape of Things to Come?

    03 February 2015

    On 29th March 2014, Chinese engineering giants WinSun printed ten 3D houses, each measuring 200sqm at a cost of around €4,250 each. Constructed entirely in concrete using a colossal 3D-printer, the project was the first ...

  • Property for Sale in Italy

    New Italian Portal Targets Chinese Buyers

    10 November 2014

    Italy, Europe's third-largest economy is looking to Chinese investors to save their ailing economy with the launch of a new portal website VendereAiCinesi.it, meaning literally "sell to the Chinese".

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