Cypriot unification 'to benefit everybody'
By Steve Binge

Cypriot unification 'to benefit everybody'

There will be widespread benefits for all - including property investors - if talks to unify Cyprus succeed, it has been stated.

Property editor for overseas investor magazine Buy Association Paul Collins said such an outcome would "only be good for Cyprus".

He added that as well as Cyprus itself being able to gain greater integration into the European Union (EU), the resolution of the situation would also help Turkey to gain EU membership.

Mr Collins concluded: "So there are sort of knock - on effects, it will definitely benefit everybody."

Such a resolution could open up new opportunities for investors to buy property bargains in Cyprus.

The division of Cyprus into the southern Greek Cypriot part and northern Turkish Cypriot part dates from 1974, when Turkish forces invaded the north.

Since then, Turkey has been the only country in the world to recognise the claims of northern Cyprus to be a separate nation state.

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