Lawyers in Cyprus
By Maria Thermann

Lawyers in Cyprus

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Many lawyers in Cyprus offer multi-lingual services, as they have clients from around the world. Law firms deal in all aspects of legal matters, from commercial and residential real estate to citizenship/immigration, residency, wills and probate to company formation and ongoing servicing of such Cyprus registered companies.

One aspect of their activities has become far more active recently, and that is making applications for Cyprus-based EU citizenship by investment. This is a solution for non-EU residents who want to be able to travel and do business freely in EU member states. It takes an investment of 2,000,000 euros and the process takes ca. six months. In addition, the applicant must own a primary residence in Cyprus that must be valued at 500,000 euros , and the remainder could then be placed as bank deposits or made in various ways, such as investing in commercial or residential real estate or perhaps in buying development land or get involved in infrastructure projects.

You could also purchase an existing company or, if you are an entrepreneur, start a business on the island. The only requirements are that your business must have a physical address in Cyprus, and you must be able to employ five people or more.

You could also make a deposit in a Cypriot bank for three years, invest in government bonds for that period, or use investment vehicles such as government bonds, shares issued in the Republic of Cyprus or you could purchase securities.

What are the advantages of a Cyprus-based EU citizenship application?

  • the applicant can obtain dual citizenship
  • the applicant will see their investment returned over a period of 3 years
  • citizenship will be granted to the whole family and will be offered on an inheritance right basis
  • you will not be asked to undergo health checks on a regular basis
  • the EU citizenship allows you to travel freely within the EU and into many other countries
  • around the world without the need for an additional visa
  • the applicant receives full EU rights, which include working, living and studying in EU member state countries

Applicants must not have been convicted of any crime in Cyprus or their home country. English is widely spoken on Cyprus and multi-lingual lawyers in Cyprus can translate all relevant documents for their clients.

What do you need to make an application?

  • a copy of your birth certificate
  • a copy of your marriage certificate, if appropriate
  • a copy of your passport or ID card
  • a certificate showing you have no criminal record
  • two passport-sized photographs that must be recent
  • a full Curriculum Vitae

Once your investment has been made in Cyprus and your documents have been forwarded to the Ministry of the Interior, a fee of 2,000 euros is payable to the Ministry. A Council of Ministers will be checking your application and either approve it or ask for more details. Upon approval, you will receive a Certification of Naturalization, which will require the payment of another fee.

Once your fee has been paid, you can collect your EU passport from the Civil Registry and Migration Department at any time.

Mantis & Anthindorou Law Firm
Paphos-based firm of multi-lingual lawyers
Tel: 00357 26934277

Elena Myrianthos & Associates
Nicosia-based firm of lawyers
Tel: 00357 22463410

Elias Neocleous & Co LLC
Limassol-based firm of lawyers
Tel: 00357 25110110

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