Paphos and Akamas Peninsula
By Maria Thermann

Paphos and Akamas Peninsula

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Located around 6.5 km from Paphos International Airport, the city of Paphos makes for an excellent base from which to explore the west of Cyprus. If you love climbing or mountain biking, hiking and other mountain sports, the nearby Akama peninsula, located roughly 35 minutes' drive from Paphos, is the place for you. Paphos holiday apartments start from around 70,000 euros.

Paphos Forest is home to some of Cyprus' most exciting bird species, the Bonelli Eagle and the Goshawk, as well as the Cypriot Mouflon. Various hiking trails offer stunning views over the forest and coastline. On the Akamas peninsula there are three nature trails of note: Adonis, Aphrodite and Smigies, the latter being a circular trail with breath-taking views over Lara Bay and Chrysochorus Bay.

Lara Bay is home to the Turtle Conservation Station, which monitors the well-being of loggerhead and green turtles. The best time to catch a glimpse of these protected species is between May and August.

If you enjoy rock climbing, the wider Paphos area is home to climbing schools and climbing clubs which can take you into the limestone rocks that sit at around 500 metres above sea level. Among the animals you might catch a glimpse of in the crevices or sunning themselves on rocks are lizards and the striped Cyprus viper. It's also a great place to come for mountain biking.

There's never a dull moment in Paphos! The city of Paphos is also a good base from which to visit some of the island's most popular tourist attractions, such as the Tombs of the Kings, Aphrodite Waterpark and Paphos Zoo. Throughout the year the area sees various important events, such as the Cyprus Amateur Mens Open in May 2018, the Paphos Beer Festival held at the castle in July or Paradise Jazz Festival, held in August 2018 for example.

Boat trips and guided tours that take around a day to complete take visitors to the famous Aphrodite's Bath and Blue Lagoon. Just 6 km north of Paphos lies the spectacular Coral Bay, ideal for swimming and snorkelling.

Paphos boasts excellent entertainment, shopping, dining and nightlife. There are several live music clubs and bars were you can dance the night away. Restaurants offer typical Cypriot cuisine. The main shopping area, where you'll find supermarkets, fashion outlets and souvenir shops, runs parallel to the main promenade. This is also the part of Paphos where you'll be able to find bargains at open-air markets.

If you are thinking of investing in property or buying a holiday home in Cyprus, the southwest of the island is a good place to start your property hunt. A modern three-bedroom detached villa in Paphos starts at around 190,000 euros, while two-bedroom townhouses range from 105,000 to 120,000 euros in the greater Paphos area. Letting a one-bed apartment achieves between 250.00 and 340 euros per week. Letting a three-bedroom villa for a week will bring in around 1,020.00 euros.

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