Banking Guide

If you are considering a property purchase in the Dominican Republic, knowledge of the banking system will help you on your way.

The government is keen to attract foreign investment and this is evident in the number of incentives banks offer clients. These include tax-free bank account interest and zero tax on company profits for relocating overseas companies. An added benefit is that information relating to your personal banking situation is not proactively disclosed by the Dominican Republic.

Local currency (DOP) can easily be withdrawn over the counter or at cash point machines (ATMs) all over the country. Please note that ATMs only dispense DOP. If you require US Dollars, they will need to be purchased at exchange offices which charge high rates for the privilege. You are well advised to deal in Pesos or bring enough Dollars for your trip.

You may wish to arrange mortgage finance in the Dominican Republic and up to 80% can be obtained by foreigners, in either local currency, USD, GBP or CND.

Main banks in the Dominican Republic:

Main Branch
Ave. Sarasota # 27
Santo Domingo
Tel. (809) 535-6069

Banco Atlas Cumbres
Ave. Tiradentes &
Ave. Roberto Pastoriza
Tel. (809) 547-9000

Asociacion de Ahorros y Prestamos
Main Branch
Ave. 27 de Febrero & Maximo Gomez
Santo Domingo
Telephone: (809) 689-0171

Banco Mercantil
Main Branch
303 Roberto Pastoriza
Santo Domingo
Telephone: (809) 567-4444

Banco Del Progresso
Main Branch
3 Ave. John F. Kennedy
Santo Domingo
Telephone: (809) 563-3250

Banco BHD
Main Branch
Ave. Winston Churchill & Ave. 27 de Febrero
Santo Domingo
Telephone: (809) 243-3232

Banco Nacional De La Vivienda
Main Branch
53 Ave. Tiradentes
Santo Domingo
Telephone: (809) 565-6621

Banco Popular
Main Branch
20 Ave. John F. Kennedy
Santo Domingo
Telephone: (809) 544-8000

Banco de
La Pequena Impressa

Main Branch
250 Ave. Bolivar
Santo Domingo
Telephone: (809) 508-3144

Banco Santa Cruz
Ave. 27 de Febrero #49
Tel. (809) 724-2222

Ave. Wiston Churchill
Plaza Acropolis
Santo Domingo
Tel. (809) 955-2601

Main Branch
Isabel La Catolica # 201
Santo Domingo
Tel. (809) 960-2000

Scotia Bank
Main Branch
Ave. John F.Kennedy & Ave. Lope De Vega
Santo Domingo
Telephone: (809) 544-1700

Banco Vimenca
Abraham Lincoln # 306
Santo Domingo
Tel. (809) 532-9797

Opening times are generally Monday to Friday - 09:00 hrs to 15:00 hrs. Some banks are open on Saturday mornings.

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