Natural Factors In The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic’s natural attributes play a vital role in the success of its property market. Find out more below.

Tropical paradise

The Dominican Republic possesses all the credentials of a Caribbean paradise: its azure waters, tropical forests, mountains and the pre-requisite powdery white beaches make for a dreamlike tropical location. One third of the Dominican Republic’s 869 miles of coastline comprises spectacular beaches that are regularly voted by the tourist industry as amongst the top five beach destinations in the world. Meanwhile, the Caribbean’s highest mountain range can be found in the Dominican.

As the largest of the Caribbean islands, the Dominican Republic offers great diversity, both alpine and coastal, while avoiding the feeling of being bound to a small island.

Warm climate

One of the Dominican’s greatest natural assets, the weather is warm and tropical (average 25°C) and does not vary much from season to season. Rainfall is greatest between October and April so that tourism tends to peak from December to April. However, year-round appeal and a warm climate means holidaymakers visit throughout the year.

English is spoken

Although Spanish is the national language, English is widely spoken in business arenas due to the island’s ongoing economic ties with the USA. The fact that nearly one third of tourists in the Dominican come from the USA means that English is also spoken in many tourist locations.

Sightseeing & culture

Restaurants and nightclubs buzz with life in busy Santa Domingo, one of the oldest and most cultural cities on the continent. Cinemas, theatres, art galleries, museums and shopping malls, along with international restaurants and clubs can all be found in the city, while quaint, traditional villages dot the coastlines if you enjoy a quieter, more traditional pace of life.

Often mistakenly referred to as "Poor Man's Puerto Rico," the Dominican Republic has its own distinct cuisine and cultural heritage. Its Latin mood makes it quite different from many of the other Caribbean islands which are more British and French influenced.


The Dominican Republic is easily accessible from the USA as well as the UK and other European destinations. It has three major international airports with direct flights to the rest of the Caribbean and other destinations such as New York, Miami, Philadelphia, Panama, Venezuela, Aruba, Spain, Holland, Germany, Martinique and France. Direct flight time from the UK is about 9½ hours.

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