Dominican Republic to benefit from insecurity in the EU
By Peter Mindenhall

Dominican Republic to benefit from insecurity in the EU

Growing fears from European investors about inflation and currency devaluation will have a positive affect on the Dominican Republic property market, it has been claimed.

According to property portal Property Abroad, the Caribbean destination is set to see an increase in the number of investors looking to put their money into assets like houses.

The portal states: "The Caribbean is a favourite with these buyers because it is seen as being one of the few regions that has remained largely insulated from the global financial infrastructure."

It goes on to explain that because property prices in the country are relatively low it will attract a new breed of buyer with slightly less cash and a desire to invest their savings.

Furthermore, new government guidelines alongside a growing tourism market make the island an ideal place to rent and even witness gains in property value.

Last October, British Airways increased the number of flights which it offered to the country to keep up with increasing demand from holidaymakers.

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