Dominican Republic could see rise in 'budget' investors
By James Roberts

Dominican Republic could see rise in 'budget' investors

Low-to-mid budget property investors returning to the market are likely to have a positive effect on property sales within the Dominican Republic, it has been claimed.

According to property portal Property Abroad, the Caribbean island will benefit from the strengthening international market recovery in 2010.

The longer the recovery continues, the website states, the more confident investors will grow, with low budget developments predicted to be the most popular among individuals with not quite so much money to spend.

"Those buying in 2009 were predominantly the better off among society," it notes.

"Dominican Republic property is still the bargain of the Caribbean, and still has one of the fastest growing tourism sectors."

Something that could appeal to individuals looking for property.

In October last year BA decided to launch a twice-weekly service to the Dominican Republic to cope with the increasing demand of holidaymakers wanting to visit the island.

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