Dominican Republic emerges as top holiday destination
By Peter Mindenhall

Dominican Republic emerges as top holiday destination

The Dominican Republic has emerged as a popular destination for Britons looking to holiday further afield, new research has revealed.

According to findings from Thomson and First Choice, the country - along with the US state of Florida - is set to be one of the top long-haul destinations for holidaymakers over the coming 12 months.

And the research also revealed that many Britons consider annual summer holidays to be a necessity rather than a luxury, with 88 per cent stating that they would make cutbacks in other areas in order to afford a trip abroad.

Such news may be of interest to those considering buying property in the Dominican Republic, as they could see an increase in the number of holidaymakers wishing to rent a home for the duration of their stay.

The country was recently identified as being ideal for property investment by Ayendy Marte of developer Group G & S, who noted that the Dominican Republic's economic growth has helped promote the construction of new homes.

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