Dominican tourism minister to launch vision
By James Roberts

Dominican tourism minister to launch vision

The tourism minister of the Dominican Republic Francisco Javier Garcia is to publicly launch a new strategy to attract more visitors to the island, the Dominican Republic Tourist Board has stated.

Mr Garcia will be at the World Travel Market next month to showcase the plan, which will involve an increase in the number of hotels, marinas, cruise ports and golf resort developments.

Stating that the plans will take the industry "into the next decade", Mr Garcia said: "In the years to come, we will enhance the well-planned tourism growth that has provided positive economic impact while also preserving our large island’s natural beauty."

The tourism board stated that 220,000 Britons come to the country each year.

One place in the country that may be set to become a major tourist resort is La Terrenas.

Mr Garcia recently lifted a ban on new development in the town, suggesting that in time it could be turned into a "model" resort.

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