Natural Factors In Egypt

Egypt’s strong tourist trade is largely due to an abundance of natural wonders. In turn, Egypt’s natural factors are key to the ongoing success of its property industry.

Beautiful natural scenery

Egypt boasts stunning white sandy beaches, coral reefs and desert landscapes. Red Sea coastal resorts are firm favourites amongst visitors and property investors in Egypt today. They offer magnificent conditions for international diving and snorkeling enthusiasts, as well as other water sports such as windsurfing and kite surfing.

The River Nile provides a rich cultural experience, while Nile cruises have long been on top of many a tourist agenda.


The warm desert climate in Egypt means that visitors enjoy temperatures ranging from 14 °C in winter to 30°C in summer, creating a year-round tourist season, ideal for investment in holiday rental property.


English widely spoken as well as traditional Arabic

Many resorts and major cities in Egypt are becoming increasingly cosmopolitan with buyers from all over the world planning investments there. One bonus for many real estate purchasers is that English is widely spoken in professional circles, in addition to Arabic.


Popular medium-haul destination

Egypt is only 5 hours direct flight from most European locations and, with increased flight availability, it is ever growing in popularity as a premier international tourist destination.

Cairo International airport is being modernized and a new terminal has recently been built, encouraging a further influx of flight operators and tourists - all boding well for today’s property investors.


The culture of Egypt dates back to some five thousand years of recorded history and the country is rich with ancient Egyptian treasures, particularly around Luxor and Alexandria, which continue to lure thousands of visitors each year. This ancient history blends in well with the relatively modern, international way of life to be enjoyed in Egypt.

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