Off Plan Property In Egypt

We specialize in off-plan investment opportunities in Egypt. Below is an explanation of some of the reasons why off-plan property is highly beneficial to our investors.

  • Off-plan investment allows investors the important opportunity to buy at the lowest price possible and achieve maximum returns on investment.
  • If you keep your property for a longer period of time, excellent rental income can be achieved, while your property further appreciates in value.

Off-Plan Property in Egypt

The best investment property in Egypt today is to be found in off-plan developments. With the introduction of new reforms, the government of Egypt has created an excellent climate for overseas investment in Egyptian property. A number of new luxury resorts are becoming a major source of interest amongst international property purchasers with a keen eye for a bargain. A growth rate of up to 30% being obtained in the main resorts is another obvious attraction.

It may be possible to purchase off-plan properties as these development projects are completed, but prices will be substantially higher as the original investor will already be pocketing his/her return on investment. We source quality new investment opportunities in Egypt in areas that offer the greatest potential for capital appreciation. These opportunities are normally located in popular tourist areas that will allow investors to generate high rental returns.

Buying off-plan property in Egypt is a relatively easy process and allows you to purchase at the lowest possible price while taking advantage of the best possible finance options available.

How can property be cheaper if bought off-plan – How does it work?

Developers are always exposed to risk and it is clear they wish to cap this risk as quickly as possible and limit bank loans and other debts. They therefore sell off-plan units at excellent prices. Buyers are unable to see a physical property yet and must rely on the location and artist impressions, diagrams and computer simulations, and for this reason they expect a reduction in price.

Excellent finance structures are in place for off-plan purchasers, which are a valuable advantage to the off-plan strategy. Depending upon the project, the investor usually only needs to pay around 20-40% of the value of the purchase in the form of a deposit, while the rest is payable when the project is completed.

When you decide to invest in off-plan property in Egypt, you will need to choose an appropriate strategy to adopt to achieve a good return on investment. Our investment experts will gladly help you choose the most appropriate method and create you an investment plan, be it a "Pure Investment" or a "Buy-to-Let" strategy.

Maximizing Profit From an Off-Plan Investment in Egypt

  • Purchasing early

We cannot over-emphasize the importance of purchasing off-plan property as soon as possible within an emerging property market. Prices will be very competitive but rising fast. Investors who purchase early will always see the best returns.

  • Purchasing the best units
    By purchasing early, shrewd investors also have the opportunity to purchase the most sought after properties on any given development. Due to demand, these units always offer the highest capital appreciation in the least amount of time and will command the greatest rental income.
  • Price increases as development matures
    When construction begins on a given development, the value of the units begins to rise steadily. A completed show home is then available for viewing and buyers take on less risk as they now need not rely entirely on plans.
  • Price appreciates as more units sell
    Buyers begin to purchase units while construction is in progress and as they sell, so the price of the remaining units rises steadily. A phase payment structure is often in operation which reflects the increasing value of the properties. To early investors, this means that should you decide to sell your property at this stage, it will be worth considerably more already than when you made your initial purchase and paid the 30% deposit.

Excellent investment choices can be made in this arena. We specialize in helping you select the best ones for your needs and generate personal wealth through safe and intelligent property investment in off-plan property as an investment vehicle.

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