Calzaghe seeks capital gains abroad
By James Roberts

Calzaghe seeks capital gains abroad

Boxing star Joe Calzaghe has revealed his intention to collect strong capital gains from his foreign investments.

The Welsh sportsman, who has held the WBO super-middleweight belt for more than a decade, has built up an extensive portfolio of overseas properties in recent years.

Speaking to the Sunday Times, he said he is using them mainly for investment rather than lifestyle purposes.

He commented: "I missed the property boom over here, but I like to visit new places and I find property investment fascinating."

Calzaghe stated that he now has so many foreign residences that he is unsure as to the exact number he owns, although he said his management keeps track of what is going on.

The boxer added that following his retirement, which is expected to come before the end of the year, he will devote more time to developing his portfolio even further.

Last year's winner of the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award now owns properties in countries as diverse as Turkey, Venezuela, Mexico, Egypt and the UK.

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