Egypt 'a good option' for property investment
By Steve Binge

Egypt 'a good option' for property investment

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One expert has claimed that Egypt could be a good bet for anyone seeking an overseas property investment.

Director and founder of Rogue Property David Freeman stated that the north African nation is "definitely a place I'd recommend".

He noted that Sharm el Sheikh, a Red Sea resort in the Sinai Peninsula, has some developments that are worth considering and added that its popularity as a tourist destination enhances its appeal.

Meanwhile, a report in the Financial Times earlier this week revealed that construction activity in Egypt has slowed considerably since the revolution that took place in January this year.

With less stock being added to the Egyptian real estate market, investors may decide that now is a good time to make a purchase.

Hassan Allam, managing director of Hassan Allam Construction, told the publication that many people are holding back until the results of the elections - which are due to take place in September 2011.

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