Egypt 'sound for investment'
By James Roberts

Egypt 'sound for investment'

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Egypt is a sound investment destination, an economic analyst has suggested.

In a feature on the country, Chip Krakoff of Seeking Alpha said the country's demographic trends and economic state, combined with loosened regulation and tax in recent years, make it a good place for property and other investment.

He stated: "The fundamentals for the most part look right. These include a domestic market of 80 million people, expected to grow to 100 million by 2025, a stable currency and sound macroeconomic policies."

Mr Krakoff added that the country has "favourable" economic agreements with major economic powers, including the European Union.

He noted that developments include the rapid rise of a city near to Cairo called October 6th, which has seen a large number of apartments built since the 1990s.

Last month, Nuwire Investor identified a number of beach resorts as being popular destinations for British buyers.

These included places such as Hurghada, El Gouna and Sharm el Sheikh.

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