Property for Sale in Egypt
By Peter Mindenhall

History and culture draw tourists to Egypt

Middle Eastern countries such as Egypt attract an increasing amount of return visitors, it has been claimed.

In news that is likely to interest individuals with property in the region, Tom Hall, travel editor at Lonely Planet, has said that the culture and history of places like Egypt is drawing tourists.

He explained: "Middle Eastern countries do have a strong pull for European travellers because they do offer an adventure, genuine hospitality and incredible history.

"We have seen people going to Turkey and Egypt more and more and once people have had a taste of Middle Eastern culture they tend to want to do more."

According to a report by Global Property Guide, the Egyptian property market is likely to witness "considerable movement" in the coming year.

Meanwhile, tourism to the country's northern shores received a boost after Thomson Airways announced it was launching direct flights to the area from Manchester, Gatwick and Durham Tees Valley airports.

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