UK Citizens planning to move abroad after Brexit
By James Roberts

Brexit making people look abroad

30% increase in UK Citizens planning to move abroad after Brexit

Moments after the shock of the EU referendum result the cost of living calculator from the Expatistan site said:
“The number of people comparing UK cities and cities abroad spiked to over 50% It comes as no surprise that the correlation between how a city voted and people researching to move abroad showed positive.

The lower the percentage for those pro Brexit, the lower the interest to move out of the UK. With locations where Remain votes where higher, the interest to move abroad grew higher.”

USA and Australia where the top 2 countries people were looking to move to, with Spain coming in third.

Here at we have also noticed such an increase in property searches and notice that on our portal we find that more people have been searching for property in Spain, Cyprus and Portugal and further abroad to the UAE and Thailand.

Another notable result of Brexit is that a lot of Brits are researching how they can keep their EU passports.

The cover of a British passport reads "European Union", when the UK leaves Europe, this will no longer be the case as it will cease to be an EU passport.

A possible route to an EU passport is marriage. For example, the spouse of a citizen of Spain can become a citizen after only one year of wedded bliss.

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