Healthcare In Estonia

After independence from the former Soviet Union and accession to the European Union in 2004, the Estonian government has worked hard to upgrade the healthcare system in the country. Find out more below.

Doctors and other medical staff in Estonia are highly skilled professionals. The cost of healthcare in Estonia is relatively low and level of care is very high, particularly in the larger cities across Estonia.

Health insurance agreements with other countries have caused a flock of health care tourists, namely from Sweden, mostly for high quality, low cost, dental care in Tallinn.

Private health insurance is something of a novelty to Estonian nationals as almost everybody receives healthcare through the State healthcare system (Haigekassa).
In principle, anyone residing in Estonia and registered at “Haigekassa” receives healthcare mostly free of charge (except a small contribution in some cases).

Anybody physically in Estonia has a right to medical services and will not be refused and emergency treatment is free of charge.

The EU Health Certificate (Card) which can be obtained from the insurer in the EU member country of origin entitles you to healthcare under the same conditions as Estonian residents. When travelling to Estonia from outside the EU for an extended period, we advise you to obtain health insurance in your country of origin.

Emergency Services telephone: 112

For comprehensive information on healthcare in Estonia we recommend you visit the website of Estonian Health Insurance Fund.

A pamphlet with info and addresses of all hospitals in Estonia can be downloaded here.

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