Estonian tourism officials step up overseas marketing
By Danny Bance

Estonian tourism officials step up overseas marketing

Tourism authorities in Estonia are accepting grants to fund the marketing of the country overseas.

European money is likely to be put towards the new promotional drive, which is designed to attract more visitors from overseas, reports the Baltic Course.

Tarmo Mutso, director of the Estonian Tourist Board, said he hopes to increase the number of overnight stays by foreign holidaymakers, as well the consumption of tourism services.

If the marketing drive is successful in attracting more visitors, this would create the need for more rental accommodation in Estonia.

As a result, overseas property investors who have a residence in Estonia could stand to benefit and collect healthy rental yields.

Mr Mutso commented: "Our wish is that a foreign tourist would become more aware of the tourism products that are based on the peculiarities of Estonia."

He added that he hopes visitors from overseas will also take the time to discover places outside capital city Tallinn.

Estonia became a full member of the European Union just over four years ago.


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